Pure Energy Holdings Corp. (PEHC) was established in 2013 to gain a foothold in the booming energy and utility sectors in the country. It is an investment holding company whose purpose is to strategically acquire assets, develop natural resources that are sustainable, and be a basic service provider for the needs of the community.

PEHC, through its subsidiaries, Just Solar Corp, Repower Energy Development Corporation, and Pure Geothermal Inc., harnesses and develops indigenous natural resources in niche areas and converts it to energy - renewable energy from which the surrounding communities directly benefits. Renewable energy that is clean, sustainable, environment-friendly, and comes at a low cost. The company has grown through strategic acquisition of high-potential, existing solar and hydropower generation plants along with systematic maximization of their value through operational improvements, focused redevelopment, and introduction of new European technology. We have pioneered the clustered approach to our projects to achieve economies of scale in their construction and maximizing economic potential.

PEHC, through its subsidiary, Tubig Pilipinas Group Inc., is a bulk water supply and water distribution company with operations around the country. TPGI has a coverage spanning Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The company is continuously expanding its concession footprint in the different regions and provinces in the country and is an up and coming major player in the water business.

We, Pure Energy Holdings Corporation, have a unique ability to quickly recognize and test attractive opportunities and solve issues by acting decisively in implementing solutions. PEHC acquires the knowledge necessary to develop the best strategies and solutions for solving complex operational issues and exploiting new development opportunities. We have the operational expertise, experienced World Bank consultants, and in house capabilities to efficiently execute our own plans in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. As our subsidiaries' operations have increased through continued acquisitions and organic growth, PEHC has consistently developed the skills and experience required for continually replicating success. PEHC is also testing new and innovative forms of energy production.

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Pure Energy Holdings Corporation