NEXGEN ENERGY CORPORATION was established to enter the solar and wind energy business with or without the Feed in Tariff rate guaranteed by the Philippine Government. As levelized costs have fallen and grid parity is within reach, the company is rolling out its projects in niche areas where there is explosive growth potential that has not been tapped before.

NexGen Energy is reinventing the solar and wind industry in the Philippines by deploying its utility scale projects in embedded areas, whereby reducing transmission losses and empowering the Distribution Utilities through the introduction of high performance systems, streamlined operations, and focused engineering. The goal is to provide clean, sustainable and reliable peak solar and wind energy at a reasonable cost for the benefit of the surrounding community and its allied industries.

NexGen Energy is growing through acquisition of strategically located solar and wind farms of high potential, expanding the capacities of these farms according to demand needs of the host Distribution Utility and contestable customers in a particular area. It plans to further diversify its portfolio by entering the solar rooftop, floating solar market and both onshore and offshore wind projects as well.

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