Tubig Pilipinas Support and Aid during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Water and Medical aid were given to the provinces of Negros Occidental and Cebu.

Tubig Pilipinas / Repower Support and Aid during the Covid 19 Pandemic

Livelihood support and Medical aid were given to the provinces of Palawan, Samar, Cavite, Pangasinan, Isabela, Negros Occidental and Oriental, Camarines Sur, Quezon and Cagayan Valley.

Tubig Pilipinas Bacolod Medical Mission

November 19, 2016

BACIWA - Tubig Pilipinas Medical Mission and Feeding Program

November 19, 2016

Tubig Pilipinas - Ms. Siliman 2016 Candidates in Dumagete City for a Clean Water Initiative

August 20, 2016

The Tubig Pilipinas Clean Water Initiative is a project championed by Tubig Pilipinas Group, Inc. a subsidiary of Pure Energy, which aims to provide potable water to waterless, underdeveloped, and under supplied communities.

Last August 20, 2016, Tubig Pilipinas, in partnership with the 2016 Ms. Siliman University, Dumagete Contestants, Tubig Pilipinas provided potable straw filters to 3 waterless barangays in Dumagete.

In September 10, 2016 ,the second Clean Water Initiative project was conducted in partnership with the LGU of Murcia Municipality, Negros Occidental, Tubig Pilipinas provided straw filters to 2 waterless barangays in Murica.

Health, Safety & Environment

Pure Energy believes in doing things right. Pure Energy's long-standing commitments to employee health and safety and regard for the environment are given highest priority across the company. A strong HSE philosophy is shared within Pure Energy and is demonstrated by extensive employee training and a commitment to uphold safety regulations established both internally and across the industry.

Prior to commencing operations on a newly acquired field, Pure Energy evaluates and then incorporates the local environmental regulations of the region in which it is operating into its redevelopment plan. Each province has its own laws and conservation department regulations which must be followed. Pure Energy also takes seriously its commitment to each community near its operations to not only serve as a good steward of the operated property but also to positively contribute to the community itself.

As a responsible energy supplier, Pure Energy has a duty to encourage the development of innovative programs that engage the environmental awareness of Filipinos.

Our Approach

As a company with deep roots in the Philippines, we view community investments not simply as a responsibility, but as an essential component in building strong and healthy communities.

In 2010, an affiliate of Pure Energy gave its first donation to a fishermen's mission in Quezon Province. Charitable giving has been an integral part of our tradition. Over the years, Pure Energy has contributed to several charitable and non-profit initiatives that touched every aspect of the Filipino life - supporting communities, contributing to quality of life, and touching the lives of Filipinos.

Low-Impact Renewable Energy

We at Pure Energy are committed to providing renewable energy which is both sustainable and low-impact. While traditional hydropower plants construct dams which change the flow of the river, affect the ecology of the area, pose a danger to the local wildlife and flood flood low-lying communities - our run-of-river mini hydropower plants are low-impact. We do not flood communities, nor do we change or impede the natural flow of the river. 100% of the water our hydropower plants utilize is returned to the river, in a cleaner state than when it was diverted.

Low Energy Bulk Water Supply Plants

Our subsidiary, Tubig Pilipinas utilizes low carbon footprint clarifier plants and pumping stations which consume minimal amounts of electricity.

Tree Planting

We at Pure Energy are committed to preserving the Philippine rainforests. At every project site, we maintain a tree nursery and have a watershed reforestation program. We will also be actively policing our areas against illegal loggers and cooperate with the authorities to protect our remaining rainforest and watershed areas.

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